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ITgility have  experts  in  the  fields  of  business,  technology  and  industry  that  leverage  modern  and advanced technology to help organisations reduce risk, meet compliance, and boost market response. We also aim to assist organisations in creating new streams of revenue by mining and deriving intelligence out of company data.  The framework  for  a  highly  secure,  trusted,  and  scalable  infrastructure  that  is  ready  for artificial  Intelligence  and hybrid  cloud,  is  essential  for  the  modern  datacentre  and  business.  ITgility provides  leading  technologies  for  digital transformation and ongoing business improvements. Our cloud-based technologies transforms the way one does business, through streamlining processes as well as leveraging platforms and applications to work smarter. Our experts create mobile applications that fit business workflows and will help generate new system revenue streams. We assist our clients to secure their content and expose new business opportunities. ITgility  provides  clients  with  fully  integrated  IT  solutions  (cloud-based  technologies,  modern  IT  platforms,  and  innovative  software),  aligned  to  strategic  objectives.    ITgility  “TouchPoints”  –  where  each  interaction  with  our  client focuses on adding the right value at the right time, through understanding our client’s needs. These “TouchPoints” involve the entire value chain from procurement to project sign-off, for example, from initial assessments to designs, presentations, deployments, onsite/remote support and project documentation. ITgility  (as  trusted  advisors)  are  an  extension  of  “your”  team  and  compliments  an  organisation’s  expertise  to achieve business objectives in a cost effective manner.

Design Services


Design and deployment of new technology can be challenging, and often it’s not practical to do it yourself. You need an experienced strategic partner to support your successful digital transformation. We help you deploy your solutions effectively and efficiently through our technical skills, and our project and program management capabilities.

We design new solutions for your business requirements, based on best practice designs and templates that are aligned to multi-vendor technology architectures.

We use our expert knowledge of technology to find the most appropriate options and convert them into solutions that deliver measurable value to address your business challenges. By using development models and methodologies, we’re able to provide longer lifecycle designs that perform to expectation and align to business outcomes.

Security Advisory Services


Information Security has evolved into a significant business risk, capturing the attention of senior leaders in organizations of every size and industry. Security leaders are under increasing pressure to report on cyber risks, stay ahead of a dynamic threat environment and drive the strategic direction of the cyber program.

Put the right security policies, processes, architecture, and expertise in place. IT security skills are in short supply globally, but our enterprise risk management offerings give you cost-effective access to the expertise you need. Through our security consulting services, you gain the innovation and economic productivity benefits of cloud, mobility, social media, and the Internet of Things, while eliminating the threats these technologies can pose to your brand, reputation, and business performance.

Cloud Services

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Our cloud services meet today’s business and IT challenges, speed up development and transformation, and lower costs. It also mitigate business risks by providing secure, responsive, high-availability infrastructure which can respond to unexpected demand or market downturns. 

We’ll perform a careful analysis of your business objectives and growth strategy. Applying our deep industry and technical expertise, we will design, implement and manage your cloud estate to provide fast, attainable results that align with your transformation goals.

Whether you’ve yet to begin or have already started your cloud migration, the right partner can accelerate your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Project Implementation Services


Whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise, your network and IT infrastructure serve as the backbone of your entire business operations. The health and well-being of your IT is critical to your strategy, growth, and success.

ITgility assigns every  customer a team of highly experienced, certified technical consultants and account management specialists.


Our comprehensive project management and engineering practice ensures that you receive specialist project management support across every area of our technology expertise.

Whether you are planning a new facility, renovating an existing building, or planning a technology upgrade, our professionals provide a comprehensive approach to implementing IT infrastructure beginning at the facility design and working through the construction and commissioning phases of a project.

Managed Services


Our managed data centre services transform your data centre management, automation, and IT operations as they transition to a hybrid IT environment. We provide the right people, processes, security, and technology across on-premise, cloud, and networks to optimise your cloud and IT infrastructure. We offer full management and automation capabilities, so you can focus on strategic initiatives. Drive innovation for your business without spending unnecessary time on day-to-day operations.

Infrastructure management in a hybrid IT environment can be difficult, with its multiple applications and technologies. Let us take over the management of your hybrid IT infrastructure, giving you the technological flexibility you need, and maximising the efficiency and availability of your applications. We help you make the best use of IT assets and provide uninterrupted service. Get full visibility of your data centre infrastructure in near real-time across cloud, on premise, and the network.

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