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ITgility is an IT Infrastructure Solutions company with a vision to provide business solutions that are uniquely different and more efficient. By leveraging our knowledge and expertise in IT infrastructure technologies, we will become a recognised leader in the provision and management of specialised IT infrastructure solutions.


ITgility is an end-to-end IT solution provider. Our solutions are focused on your business needs: Agile to compete, Simple to operate and Adaptable to changes. ITgility focuses on consulting and design that delivers road maps, narrowing the gap between business and IT requirements.

Our service offerings are built around core components, focused on solution architecture, integrating with the right hardware and software technology that will best serve your needs. These include: Converged Solutions, Backup and Recovery, Archiving, Storage, Disaster Recovery, Server Virtualisation and Consolidation, Virtual Desktop and Cloud Computing.

Key Focus Areas

The success of our business is based on superior solution architecture in combination with the focus on the right hardware, software or cloud technology that will best serve your needs and business requirements. In addition, the ITgility engagement is wrapped with extra attention to detail, with our ability to deliver state of the art services, using highly experienced groups of resources that are loyal and dedicated. We strongly believe in leaving our customers with plans, designs and configuration documentation.

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