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Advanced File Sharing

Our file management product is a self-hosted file sharing, sync and mobile access for Businesses solution.


Using public cloud infrastructure you can jump start your file storage solution.  Client apps are available for all the desktop and mobile operating systems ( Windows, Mac , Linux, iOS and Android).  Our 5 star rated mobile apps provide secure access to organisation content from anywhere. In-addition to file sharing and sync, it provides endpoint backup, data leak prevention. 


It also offers hybrid cloud capabilities by synchronizing on-premise file servers to public cloud and vice versa. It can be completely customized to reflect your organization brand: company logo and  hosted under your own domain. It provides unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure corporate data is protected across all your devices (Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets). 

Software Defined Data Centre

The limitations of hardware have led to the evolution of software-defined data centers (SDDCs), which eliminate the need for hardware. With software as the focus, all the data center’s infrastructure elements, including compute, storage, management, and networking components, are virtualised. These elements are delivered as a service that is automated and remotely deployed.


The key benefits of SDDCs include:


  • Reduced hardware costs: SDDCs eliminate the need for proprietary, single-purpose hardware and all the accompanying maintenance and vendor relationships. SDDCs virtualise across the entire data center; the traditional hardware is virtualised.

  • Automation: The greatest value of SDDCs is automating routine operations to reduce reliance on people. 

  • End-user self-service.: SDDCs provide the ability to request IT resources on demand, making it possible to configure these requests precisely, instantly, and without any input from the IT department.

With the growing number of mobile devices in an organisation, you need a way to scrutinize any mobile device that accesses your company's resources. Our endpoint management software, can help you configure and secure your mobile devices from one central location; it's built for simplified desktop and mobile device management.  

We offer a standalone enterprise mobile device management solution that is available on-premises as well as in the cloud. 

With our solution, waiting time for configuration is reduced as the software provides easy on-boarding and quick configuration of settings. The software makes it possible due to its support of bulk provisioning programs and because of its easy-to-use architecture.

Furthermore, it offers peace of mind to device owners and managers. In case of device emergency, IT can deploy services remotely to remedy problems. This allows for rapid troubleshooting and lets employees get back to work with their devices in a short space of time.

Enterprise Mobility Management

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